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Nature Communications. (2021). Preprint

RBM17 Mediates Evasion of Pro-Leukemic Factors from Splicing-coupled NMD to Enforce Leukemic Stem Cell Maintenance.

Liu L, Vujovic A, Sathe S, Xu J, Yeo G, Unnikrishnan A, Hope KJ*, Lu Y*. *co-corresponding


Blood Advances. (2021). 5(16):3120-3133.

Lfc/Arhgef2 regulates mitotic spindle orientation in hematopoietic stem cells and is essential for productive hematopoiesis.

Chan D, Vujovic A, Xu J, Gordon V, Joyce C, Wong N, de Rooij L, La Rose J, Sandi M, Doble B, Novina C, Rottapel R, Hope KJ.


Cell Stem Cell. (2020). Sep 3;27(3):354-355.

Hematopoiesis in High Definition: Combining State and Fate Mapping.

Keyvani Chahi A, Hope KJ.


STAR Protocols. (2020). Oct 7;1(3):100124.

Assessing the Safety of a Cell-Based Immunotherapy for Brain Cancers Using a Humanized Model of Hematopoiesis.

Salim SK, Xu J, Wong N, Venugopal C, Hope KJ*, Singh SK*.  *co-corresponding


Blood. (2020). Nov 26;136(22):2484-2486.

Making a bet on RET for hematopoietic stem cell expansion.

Hope KJ.


Cell Stem Cell. (2020). Jun 4;26(6):832-844.

The Rational Development of CD133-targeting Immunotherapies for Glioblastoma.

Vora P, Venugopal C, Salim S, Adams J, Tatari N, Bakhshinyan D, Singh M,  Seyfrid M, Upreti D, Rentas S, Wong W, Williams R, Qazi M, Chokshi C, Subapanditha M, Savage N, Mahendram M, , Ford E, Adile A, McKenna D, McFarlane N, Huynh V, Wylie RG, Pan J, Bramson J, Hope KJ, Moffat J, Singh S.

Cancer Research. (2019). Nov 15;79(22):5799-5811.

Diminished aryl hydrocarbon receptor signalling drives human acute myeloid leukemia stem cell maintenance.

Ly M, Rentas S, Vujvoic A, Wong N, Moreira S, Holzapfel N, Bhatia S, Tran D, Minden M, Draper J, Hope KJ.


Biochemistry and Cell Biology. (2018). Jun 13: 1-11.

Post-transcriptional regulation in hematopoiesis: RNA binding proteins take control.

De Rooij L, Keyvani Chahi A, Chan D, Hope KJ.


Stem Cell Reports. (2018). 10(4): 1384-1397.

PLAG1 and USF2 regulate hematopoietic stem cell-specific expression of Musashi-2.

Belew MB, Bhatia S, Keyvani Chahi A, Rentas S, Draper JS, Hope KJ.


Nature. (2016). 532(7600): 508-11.

Musashi2 Attenuates AHR Signaling to Expand Human Hematopoietic.

Rentas S, Holzapfel N, Belew M, Pratt G, Voisin V, Bader G, Wilhelm B, Yeo G, Hope KJ.


Journal of Experimental Medicine. (2012). 209(5):895-901.

A role for GPx3 in activity of normal and leukemia stem cells.

Hereault O*, Hope KJ*, Deneault E, Mayotte N, Chagraoui J, Whilhelm BT, Cellot S, Sauvageau M, Andrade-Navarro MA, and Sauvageau G*. *authors made equal contribution.


Nature Methods. (2011). 8(4 Suppl):S36-40.

Clonal interrogation of stem cells.

Hope KJ* and Bhatia M*.  *authors made equal contribution.


Cell Stem Cell. (2010). 7(1):101-113.

An RNAi screen identifies Msi2 and Prox1 as having opposite roles in the regulation of hematopoietic stem cell activity.

Hope KJ, Cellot S, Ting S, MacRae T, Mayotte N, Iscove NN, Sauvageau G.

Dr. Kristin Hope | Senior Scientist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network | Associate Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto

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